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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
hotel di vista trionfale (Triumphal View Hotel Dongguan), Situato all'intersezione di tre fiumi a Huangchong Economic Development Zone, Zhongtang Town, l'hotel è un hotel di business, conferenze e vacanze.La posizione dell'hotel è superiore. È vicino a Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway e ha un comodo trasporto per le città, i quartieri e le città circostanti.
L'hotel copre una zona di più di 100000 metri quadrati, con 26 piani dell'edificio principale e servizi completi.L'hotel dispone di vari tipi di camere ospiti, elegante ristorante cinese, ristorante occidentale, caffetteria, ristorante giapponese e 18 sale conferenze multi-funzionali che possono ospitare più di 1000 persone allo stesso tempo, così come sale conferenze multi-funzionali per l'interpretazione simultanea di più lingue. L'hotel ha anche piscina a temperatura costante, campo da basket interno, campo di badminton e altre strutture sportive.
L'hotel si scioglie nel giardino e la bellezza naturale del fiume, ti permette di camminare lungo la riva del fiume, sente la brezza soffia il volto, rilassato e felice.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • DavidOo
    Very good and rich breakfast.
  • bigtree_cn
    Away from downtown, environment beautiful, Sanjiang intersection beauty House, beautiful. room large, furniture clean clean, service specification, attitude is good, is relax mood and body of perfect of at. environment first-class, in Sanjiang Confluence district, just location somewhat partial, around didn't other, only farmland, but I like. room good big, health clean, bathroom only deficiency a bathtub on is full marks has. General OK.
  • anney-xie
    Air conditioning in room enough to force! evening buffet, not many people, carbon-burning oysters, boiled chicken, burning smell very nice, other varieties, produce good!
  • eden36
    Big room, fitting new, convenient and Nice. buffet breakfast is also good. ...
  • yung_tai
    Well, Dongguan, five star quality
  • firebird1021
    Too bad for the family holiday, children also need to add the cost of even 1 m or for a package of three, very depressed, no longer stay ... ...
  • belbel
    Well, is the business centre kid, hit seven A4 sheet of paper and ask MM how much, meimei said 70. ten dollars a piece, with no jokes, please, and I can say I don't play and you'll have seven paper? double a is 81, 500 sheets, Pro, hurt, Ah, Pro.
  • ericlin27
    Nice, luxury facilities, quality of service is good. room and clean ... will stay again.
  • ottolaw
    Relatively, but just because, very quiet, nice, room is clean. service attitude is good. colleagues a lot of tours lived there, in General 5.
  • LST0728
    Nice hotel, with swimming pool Indoor + outdoor, unfortunately, too much of a hurry all the time, don't have the time to try
  • jinyunying
    Good location, room was clean, bed good, is worth the price
  • jst1979
    Service sanitation is good! is more remote!
  • angelli1015
    Health and facilities were good, breakfast is OK, where is shopping around has nothing to
  • faliji
    Quiet health, is that every time you come!
  • pufflin_ee
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, facilities good. only pity is the hotel a bit 'lonely'.
  • angle166
    Beautiful environment, five-star hotel
  • davidlin
    Best meetings and conventions hotel in the eastern part of Guangzhou, is room fruit didn't rule, want to send, can't think you don't have anything to eat!
  • motocar
    Very comfortable
  • e00048421
    OK, that is breakfast, nothing to eat
  • loveaddy
    Environment first-class, in Sanjiang Confluence district, just location somewhat partial, around didn't other, only farmland, but I like. room good big, health clean, bathroom only deficiency a bathtub on is full marks has, package price good, service is good, food everything, and constantly added food, but to early set bit, for Hotel do Hong Kong Food mission, not set bit may to,. outdoor pool points standard pool and children pool, are is big and flat NET, full marks
  • e05084376
    Hotel location is a little remote, but is located in the confluence of three rivers, beautiful, the air is great! the facilities of the hotel, the service is also very good, restaurant is also very high cost performance. it is worth recommending!
  • congminsu
    Also, is a bit far from the town, meeting at the hotel
  • Antelope
    Very good! entertain foreign customers, it feels good!
  • acaiwu
    Pretty good!
  • fyl1029
    Basic can be
  • cain_cui
    Friend said, a little expensive
  • joe_nb
    Stayed many times ... overall good. but services as before. Service staff also seem to be no previous professional. breakfast/dinner without any changes. hoping to improve and enhance. otherwise difficult to repeat customers.
  • e00012807
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
  • ben594
    Location is a bit biased, but quite large, is also good.
  • jpcpc
    Hotel Nice
  • allen75
    Business in early spring, because geography has always been the hotel. good.
  • sw018
    Hotel itself is very good, is the location of the point on the convenience of driving
  • e02218351
    This hotel was perfect! this is very comfortable! really have the opportunity to come and enjoy!
  • jinxu
    Service environment is good, is a bit far from the town.
  • davejay
    Me, us. are you good?. All these dongxihu. your words you
  • fby20072002016
    Facilities are excellent, the quality of service needs to keep up with!
  • lileran2010
    Next time will stay
  • dfdts
    Surrounding environment good, hotel is big enough, clean enough, but also the need for increased value.
  • evrin9102
    Good 0
  • scjliu
    Bad room ~ ~ turns out to be not worth 380 Yuan in a sauna! converted ~ not ~ but very nice hotel ~~
  • angelwubin
    Environment configurations are good!
  • diguaaitudou
    Corporate travel, good!
  • alpine
    Help friends book nice hotel
  • Lococo
    Hotel very comfortable! too little breakfast!, but a nice view!
  • olivinia
    Hotels in Nice
  • e00086076
    Views excellent, reasonable price
  • crescent222
    Several times, overall okay
  • e03897625
    Hotel very close to Guangyuan Expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and the Yangtze River some distance, transportation was convenient. hotel rooms are clean, decorated and cozy, compared with the level of the hotel, Nice ... will stay again.
  • jersson2008
    Environment, facing the River, intersection of Dong Jiang and Zeng River place
  • youngman
    Add slanted, but the facilities and landscape are an excellent, worth ticket price, the room spacious and bright